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Notary Services

Calendar Services

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Woman & Doctor

How It Works

  During your meeting, you will need to show the notary your Photo ID and physically sign your documents on camera (Please have your ID ready and your document printed before the meeting.)  Lastly, Scan & Email the signed document to your notary. Your notary will send your notarized document(s) back via email. We also provide this service in person.

How It Works

 After booking your initial appointment with your physician, you will contact us via email or phone. We will then get your doctor's info time and date of appointment and we will customize your calendar.  Reminders will be sent to you when it's time for your appointment to give you ample time to get ready and make arrangements to get to that appointment.  You can also use our service to coincide your appointment with one of our care services, which will manage not only your appointments but your ride to and from your appointments with the concierge service.

Laundry Care

How It Works


Got a laundry hamper full of dirty clothes? Want to have them smelling like spring? Let one of our care specialists pick it up and bring them back smelling fresh and clean!!

Washer & Dryer

Chauffeur Service

How It Works


We make sure you have transportation services to and from your appointments. while including our emotional support for the customer to assure they are comfortable and don't have to worry about getting lost or missing their ride with our care specialist.


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